The National Assembly of Seychelles

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The Legal Framework for the setting up of Committees

The Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles provides the legal requirements for the setting up of National Assembly standing committees and other committees that are required to competently fulfill its obligations.

Article 104 of the Constitution makes provision for the setting up of two standing committees -

The Constitution also makes provision for the National Assembly to appoint from among its Members other select committees and these are:

Composition of Committees

The composition of the Committees of the National Assembly reflects the political party spread in the National Assembly itself. Committees are comprised of 7 Members. After Members are elected to Committees, the Committee Members elect from amongst themselves, a Committee Chairperson.

Statutory and Procedural Authority for Committees

The Standing Orders and the Rules of Procedure for Committees establishes the statutory and procedural authority for the functioning of committees. These documents can be downloaded on the Documents page.