The National Assembly of Seychelles

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This Week - 7th June

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This week in the National Assembly, the Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, Mr. Wallace Cosgrow will answer 7 questions before the House.

The questions will address the following concerns: the Ministry’s plans to review the possibility of leasing plots of lands to residents of Anse Aux Pins district for agricultural development; the Ministry’s plans with regards to fishermen and farmers who are selling their products by the roadside next to the English River Social Centre; the Ministry’s effort to support the fisheries sector in Seychelles; and its plans to boost up its human resource in key areas such as Extension Officers and Irrigation Officers.

Three motions have also been tabled for the Sitting by the Member for Cascade, Hon. Charles de Commarmond, calling on the House to approve the appointments of two Ambassadors and a new Commissioner of Police.




Ms. Luisa Waye-Hive

Deputy Clerk