The National Assembly of Seychelles

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Friday 17th October, 2014


Head of Delegation (right) Hon. Komuhangi speaking to members of the pressDeputy Speaker with the Head of the delegation Hon. KomuhangiA seven-member delegation from the Ugandan Parliament’s Committee on Gender arrived in the country last Sunday, on a study visit to the Seychelles Parliament. The delegation composed of five Members of Parliament was headed by Hon. Margaret Komuhangi, the Committee Chairperson. The visit provided the Committee with an opportunity to ascertain Seychelles’ strategies in promoting the economic and political empowerment of women.

On Monday, the Committee met with the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Andre Pool, who conveyed his contentment with the strong existing friendship between the two parliaments and discussed future opportunities for cooperation. Throughout the week the delegation participated in a series of meetings to discuss Seychelles’ progress in the following areas: women entrepreneurship growth; gender equity and budgeting; gender parity in political proportion representation; maternal health and ending violence against women and girls. One of these meetings was with the National Assembly’s Committee of Women Parliamentarians.

During a short press conference held today at the National Assembly, Hon. Delegation meeting with Gender secretariatKomuhangi and the representative from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Hon. Winifred Kiiza, openly shared their views on Seychelles’ circumstances. The country was praised for its high percentage of women in Parliament achieved without recourse to affirmative action, and the considerable effort expended in developing public policies addressing gender-related issues. The country’s success with women entrepreneurship; women’s ease of access to land and credit and the accessibility of community healthcare were also spotlighted.

The Members concluded by emphasizing the importance of youth empowerment and grooming them for positions of leadership. Both agreed on the necessity of establishing a parliamentary committee on gender and strengthening the caucus of women parliamentarians to tackle gender related issues.




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